Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Paradox of Perfectionism

It is easy to fall into the “should have,” “could have,” and “would have” trap. The very ideals that inspired and motivated us to become better people are what we use to beat ourselves with when we do not measure up to them. That is the paradox of perfectionism. Like lightening, it strikes at the very core of our feelings of self- worth and tells us that surely, we are not worthy to be called God’s children!

Life becomes a series of storms from which we constantly seek shelter rather than a joyful journey with our loved ones. We cannot seem to muster the strength needed to go forward with our lives because we surely are not good enough, strong enough, or smart enough!

If we recognize perfectionism for what it is, a distorted thinking pattern that keeps us trapped, forever thinking that we are destined to look at a cracked windshield for the rest of our lives, we realize how absurd it sounds! It is time to replace that windshield with one that is clean and clear.

Our knowledge that we are able, needed, and loved, does not come from what we do in this world. It comes who we are, and that is children of God. When we claim the gift of God’s love, we realize that it is not what we have done that makes Him love us, but who we are!

When our own children make mistakes, we take the time to teach and correct them, but we still love them! We share our unconditional love through our affection, kindness, and providing for their needs.  God takes the time to correct and teach us. He shares His unconditional love through the gift of nature, and its boundless beauty in the world.

We feel God’s love when we experience kindness from others, the innocent love of little children, beautiful music, and the receipt of gifts from loved ones. The gift of His Son atoned for our sins and weaknesses and paves the way for us to return back to Him. He is ready and waiting each day to shower that love upon us as we connect to Him in our daily prayers and devotions.

Just as electricity does not illuminate our lives until we turn on the switch to the light fixture, God’s love does not show itself forth until we take the time to connect our lifeline to Him. Only then, can we know of His infinite love for each one of us.

God appreciates each step we make in His direction. He does not stop loving us when we make mistakes or do things against His will. We punish ourselves far more than He ever will! We are His children and He longs to gather us in His arms and bring us back to live with Him again!

©2014 by Denise W. Anderson, all right reserved.

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